One dimensional kingdom



I’ve a doubt with a testcase [1 5][7 8][0 10] , i think that on destroying [0 10] ,then [1 5] and [7 8] gets automatically destroyed ,so ,only one bomb is required. am i right?


if u put a bomb on x=6 then only [0,10] kingdom can be destroyed.
consider this statement

A kingdom of the form [L, R] can be destroyed completely by placing a bomb at a point x on the real line if L
≤ x ≤ R.


@raja44ever, will the answer for that is 2 or 1?


2 bombs. For example, one bomb at x=1 and another at x=7.


Give me some important test case it is not passing last test case of the first task


You cannot ask for hints during the contest!


what about the case when kingdoms are overlapping ??
like [0,1][1,2] from my understanding only 1 bomb is required.
is it so ?


yes 1 bomb is required… you have to put a bomb in the range of any kingdom to destroy it whether there is overlapping or not…just put bomb efficiently so that minimum no of bombs is required