Online Competitive Programming Summer Camp, by Programming Club IITM

Hello CodeChef!

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I am glad to announce the Competitive Coding Conclave hosted by Programming Club, IIT Madras that is scheduled to happen online from 6 to 25 July 2023. The camp will comprise 9 sessions (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) and 3 contests.

The camp is free of cost. The sessions will be conducted on Microsoft Teams, and the problem sets, and contests will be conducted in this Codeforces group. The expected starting time of the sessions is 5 PM IST, and the contests will be held on weekends.

The camp will cover C++ STL data structures and basic concepts, such as time complexity analysis, postfix/prefix sums, greedy, complete search, modulo arithmetic, binary search (on the answer), sieve, ETF, etc. The contests will have a gradually increasing difficulty but will be extremely easy, and the final round should be as difficult as a Div. 3 starters round.

If you are interested in participating, you can register here (you need to log in before clicking on the register button) before July 5 and join our WhatsApp group for further communications here.

Additionally, if you think that students at your college or university will be interested in attending the camp, and you have some contacts of people in charge, we would highly appreciate it if you could fill out this form so that we can send them invitations as well!

All the contest problems are prepared and tested by members of Programming Club IITM! Looking forward to your participation in the camp!