Opening PARTY_AT_OPT in Practice gives 404 Error

The Problem PARTY_AT_OPT from today’s COD-COM Online Round is not allowing submissions. When I click “Submit In Practice”, it either leads to a 404 error, or the site freezes.

I can’t find the problem listed in the Practice Problems section, either. Admins kindly look into this problem.


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It’s still saying “not accepting solutions”. Also, kindly open the other problems as well.

Not sure what you mean. Everything looks good for all the problems. Can you send a screenshot?

Can You please tell me why i have not seen any notification about this contest in compete section .
I was not aware and not participated in the contest . Whether it was public contest ?

Nevermind, it’s working now. Here is what happened,

Initially, I was just clicking on submit button, and it was showing me this error (notice the link has changed to practice url):

But, when I reloaded the same screen, it works and submits my code to backend. It seems like the link is changing, but the page hasn’t updated completely (as we can still see the “Submit in Practice” button). This could be a bug or feature, idk.

Understood. We’ll check this.