Organising team Contests

I want to practice team contest with my teammates, but I can not find a way so that we can practice some previously held contests as virtual team participation on codechef or codeforces(my rating is 1500 on codeforces). Please tell if anybody knows about it. Thank you in advance.

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You can try virtual contest on codeforces. There you can either register for individual or as a team.

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You need to have a team which you can form only if you have a rating above 1700.

I don’t think so. Once upon a time I had registered as a team for a virtual contest(Although there was only me in that team)

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Please have a look at this post.

It is said for creating group, that is a different thing. But In main query, you asked about virtual team participation, which I am consedering you are talking about how to participate in a contest as a team, as we do in ICPC or snackdown etc. Then you can simply do it in codeforces VC.

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Here how to create team?

Go to your profile, and there will be tab of “teams”.


ok, thanks a lot. I am able to do it now.
Is there something similar on codechef also?

Not yet…

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