Output section showing wrong date and time

Whenever I am running any code on codechef ide ,I am getting wrong date and time in output section. At the time of posting this question , date is 12-10-2019 and time is 12:20 AM; see what date and time I am getting :-

I have tried these things:-

  1. Re-logined after disconnecting all previous sessions but still same issue…
  2. Run hello world program in codechef ide opened in private browsing mode but still same issue…

Is this any bug ?

You seem to have not submitted any solution recently. Your last submission was 9h ago which is clearly 11th of October in India and You seem to be from India and I hope there shouldn’t be any discrepancy.

Why this unnecessary post then?

I thought every time I run the code , I should get the date and time at that point…
Also I am getting the same issue while running code from different device without log in.