Overclock Test Stability

Speaking about performance testing of your computer. The initial stability check is that the computer can withstand a few minutes of BIOS Setup without having to boot the OS. If in this mode the computer hangs or fails — it makes no sense to go any further, you have to manipulate the parameters and check the temperature.
Further verification must be performed in DOS using programs that do not write information to disk or do so at a minimum. It is most convenient to use games such as Quake. Old game Heretic, which is very sensitive to system instability, gives good results. If the DOS system is stable, you can boot Windows. Only programs that do not modify the information on disk should be used immediately after downloading to reduce the risk of spoilage. Then it is recommended to load the system well with several copies of games Quake, Unreal in software (software) countdown mode, test programs Prime95, CPU Stability Test, programs for 3D image processing, and let it work for several hours, monitoring the temperature of the chips. A good way to test stability is to manufacture large (hundreds of megabytes — units of gigabytes) archives in normal mode by means of WinRar, which will be tested in acceleration mode. Bugs in an archive file that is known to work will be an indicator of faults in the Winchester, its controller, memory, or processor.
Glaze, CPUBurn tests can be used to top up the processor.
After many hours running the processor in the limit mode, you can try to reduce the power supply slightly — perhaps the stability will not be affected. This phenomenon is called burn-in, which is roughly translated as «injection». Also.