Partial points should be given in case time limit exceeds

If there are difficult questions then there are chances that we may use bruteforce! technique to solve it but even bruteforce! consumes a piece of mind
Consider this ,
why not give partial points to code with TLE,
at least programmer has made a logic which satisfies all the test case

Its ok to declare it as wrong answer in the contest but in practice problems they need to give partial points after the editorial is out.
when its a practice problem its our choice whatever logic we want to implement in the solution of problem on cc.

Its just my view
coz for some people, it hurts when all test cases passes but that 3-5 second phase god knows|

There is no intention to disregard the time complexity

P.S. : consider partial point system in case of TLE

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How would they know if the program is correct, it’s automatically stopped before it outputs anything because it gets TLE


I don’t get why do anyone will want points during practice.


I think he meant giving 10points. For N <= 1000.

if its a practice question, do partial points matter?

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I don’t think so partial points matter if its a practice problem… After all every submission and most of the logic is public… its complete for your practice to get more knowledge… :slight_smile:


n^2 want to n,and n wants to be log(n) and log(n) wants to be o(1) and you are asking point for TLE :grinning:


That’s right. My program could just slip into an infinite loop, but yay! I have partial points.

Codechef has subtasks, usually the first subtask has lower constraints so slower codes would pass.

You do get points for this slower code.

Suppose your code runs in O(N^2) time, and expected complexity is O(N), your code will get TLE for full task, but will get partial score for passing the smaller subtask.
Are you asking for full score then?

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Consider this
my pgm time : 3.51 seconds
problem wants : 3.50 seconds
so there need to be a claim for partial points
in fact in some contest problem we get partial points if we satisfy a certain set of test case

why not for certain set of time!
its worthy thinking

Somebody else’s program will take 4 sec… someone’s will take 10 sec. I guess, before adding the Question, they should first ask each and every person, how much time you want for this Question and then choose the maximum one. :joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: meme lord