I am new to codechef and I need to know the reason why my practise problems are partially accepted eventhough I get 100 points

A bug in Codechef.

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If it’s such a pain for you then go ahead and develop your own platform without any bugs.

I really meant to say that I feeling sad by seeing my profile not more than that.

I understand that it’s an annoying bug but it hasn’t been fixed for a while. There may be 2 reasons: 1. It is of low priority and therefore development capacity is given to other topics (likely).
2. It seems to be a small bug but maybe it’s a real mess and a fix would involve lots of effort and therefore it could not be completed up to now.
But i also think it is not a big issue. When i’m checking other peoples profiles i check there ratings in the contests and not these lists of problem shortcuts. But that’s only true for me.
I also enjoy a well designed contest with interesting problems more than these unfixed minor bugs bother me.
Just keep in mind that you use the services of this website for free.