PayPal Campus Challenge 2020 CutOff

nothing. no hope now

Is there anyone who gave more than 1 interview…?

Yes I had given three interview for PayPal.

How many questions did you solve?

All three fully.

Even I had given 3 interviews… Did you also get a call from them last week .?

Ya same bro … got selection call …but no further discussion.

Sent you a connection request on LinkedIn .kindly accept

I did it’s from a different name…:slight_smile: Check it , it’s along with a message

Ya same marksheets …and talked about internship.

I also gave all the three interviews, but not received any call yet, so i think I have been rejected but they should have atleast informed of rejection or just had updated their website that results have been announced.

Have all of you guys offered internship or full time offer directly?

@sohail839 I guess people got a mail today regarding an on-boarding meet. Did you get it?

Yes got

I am not selected as I have not got any call fron HR.
I just wanted to know whether all have people been offered an internship or there are direct full time offers too.

Mostly everyone got an internship after that full time