PayPal Campus Challenge 2020 CutOff

Please share how much were you able solve. It will help us to estimate the cutoff.

I personally solved partially first one (6/14 testcases) and second one (3/9 testcases).

I just got an email from them first round is telephonic on 23rd Nov. I have my college exams in that week, should I ask them to reschedule. Please suggest.

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@anon92742516 , how many question have you solved?

I solved 2/3. Haven’t heard from Paypal yet.

first two partial.

then they will contact you soon, i believe

Same bro i solved 2 full and 1 partial out of 3.Haven’t heard from them yet.
Maybe they are shortlisting based on college.

Has anyone heard back from the Paypal regarding the interview?

I solved 1 full and 1 partial (13/14)
Haven’t heard from them yet.

Share your interview experience @anon92742516? or Did you get it rescheduled?

yes. Its on 30th now.

Did you get the email?

Hey, how did the interview go?
Also which mail id you used, because I mailed them on university id and never head back

Sadly, no. Let us know your interview experience.

idk bro whats happening
no further email. nothing

What?! you haven’t been interviewed yet?

no. nobody is replying.

what about you?

No information at all.

I don’t even know whom to contact.

Does anybody received email for interview?

Nope, Did you get it again?