Paypal campus challenge 2020

Anyone received any test link or some registration confirmation for Paypal Campus challenge test?

Not yet.

Not yet…

Not received yet

Are they willing to take the exam at all? -_-

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dont know buddy… no test link till now… no resume was asked… no registration confirmation… 0 mails… 0 notifications… :’)

Postponed till October 3rd, and mails early next week. Or so they are saying on the campus challenge page.

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any update from them?

Another prank :rofl:


not yet

Camera kaha h? Hath kis taraf hilana h?


They have updated the assessment date from 3rd Oct to Mid October. Lets see when this prank ends…

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Anybody who received rejection mail ??

Yeah, my friend got the rejection mail. It states: Though your qualifications were impressive, but the process was very competitive this time. So we are not taking forward with your candidacy.


Did anyone get an acceptance mail?

yeah me

I neither received acceptance nor rejection


same here …tell us here if anyone gets any updates

yaa me same mail 2 days ago