PayPal Interview: Is anybody interviewing via PayPal Campus Challenge?

Please tell in which round you are?

My next round (after coding challenge) is on 30th Nov

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how many have you solved ?

Hello, I am not eligible for contest. But what are the rounds and what do they ask?

Yes, I finished my first round on 25th and haven’t heard back yet, wby?

I too had my round on 25th but haven’t heard back too. Has anyone you know got Round 2 invite?

Yeah, I also had my technical round 1 (problem-solving) on 27th November but haven’t heard back.

Lol, My exam was on 7th November and I haven’t heard from them yet.

Anyone got mail of final result after 3 interviews?

you guys are interviewing?? How many questions did you solve?

I solved all three questions.
All the interviews are over and I am not selected.

@sohail839 same here bro. I gave my HM round on 19th dec.
Now waiting for final results?

Some students have received call of selection from HRs and even a mail for onboarding meet, so I think the results have been declared.

@sohail839 when they got the selection mail.
Did u get any rejection mail ?
This is my mail id
Plz give me a msg here

Did anyone receive a selection call from HR or email after attending all the rounds?

Yes some people have received selection call from HR and some have even got rejection mail. But I did not get any of them till now.

@avaneesh24 have you got any mail till now?

Not yet bro.