People are getting help from stackoverflow in long contest

I want to bring this one in eyes of codechef admin , where people are using stackoverflow to get the answer of running contest specially in long contest. One of the example i have found it here . I think codechef admin has to keep an eye on people not getting the answer or approach from the people. It really dampens the effort that people make , I know it is all about learning but sometime it feels bad :frowning:


This is very unfortunate. We do. We have also tried contacting them a few times but haven’t got any positive response. We will keep pursuing it.

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This is something which always happen in contests, but I read in forums that such posts are blocked during the contest. But I got to see these links which were active during the contest also as can be seen by the date and time they were answered and discussed. I just tried searching some segment tree operations for the same question QSET yesterday and found these. This is like hell lot of cheating, how can one become so mean to directly ask the question this manner. Taking help from external sources is not bad, but help is something called assistance, not copy and paste!!

Truly disgusting behavior by some people. Especially when the editorials will be put up after some time anyway.

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