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It’s slightly off-topic post but, a necessary one. From, the past few contests i observed a thing unkown people are asking help and hints about the codechef long-contest problems on facebook by messages. I feel amazed but, seriously guys have Patience. Since, it’s a learning contest you have sufficient time to learn new things and come with different and interesting approaches. Try, your best, solve some practice problems and wait for the tutorials to come out.


Hello @all,

Well, once again, the same old discussion of “cheating” is back…

Once again, my opinion is the same as it was before… Don’t worry about cheaters, it’s their loss, not ours… :slight_smile: It’s as simple as that :wink:

Now, regarding the discussion of short contests being more “rank-indicator” than the long contests, I beg to differ. Or at least, to say that I think that the two formats train different things… While on short-contest format, it’s almost always necessary to “have the knowledge” in order to do well, on long contests one can actually learn new techniques while competing, which is something I love very much about long contests…

Short contests, as pointed out by @arnabbcs08 boil down to experience and code typing speed basically, which is something I don’t have and I’m not interested in having…

I am here to learn, to be frustrated, to be amazed, to give my little knowledge to others in the best way I can and to have fun and make friends, which is what this is also about :wink:

NOTE: This long contest is going terribly on my side, but, I will keep struggling until some new ideas come up, if I got the answers straight way, what would have I learnt? Nothing!

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haven’t slept properly for nights… still struggling. Its actually good to see my perseverance… (Y) to myself…

my friends ask on the college facebook group! I have tried to stop them by asking others not to answer during live contests. These people are running behind ratings more than learning

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That’s really sad… I’m afraid that we cannot do something with that, because 10 days is too long, so people have a lot of time to cheat. My opinion is that only short contest rating counts, because there is almost no time for cheating and submission time also matters…

@betlista Short contests ratings are more reflective but long contests are better for learning new concepts and explore new questions which would be tougher in shorter cook-offs.However it helps only those that don’t cheat though


All of us are not the fastest of coders. There are many platforms which held short contests. I find the long contest approach useful because simply it gives you more time to think and be creative. Otherwise it just boils down to the race of whether you had solved the problem earlier or not. Those who want to cheat will cheat even in short contests. If it helps them learn then so be it.


Yes, maybe short contests are about experience, but this not a main idea. You offten find maybe a “classic” problem in a brand new cloak and see under this cloak is sometimes difficult and you must be as creative as on long contest. But quicker. Not all people like same things and I think, that short contests are as useful and great as long contests.

+1 Very well said! “, on long contests one can actually learn new techniques while competing”.

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