Philosophical Question about Competitive Coding

Assume you have a guy who can succeed at cp if he gets all competitive and fast. Should cp be a reason for a person to get all competitive and fast? Maybe one could say it is useful for work later on. Really? To what extent? Moreover, is there a bad side to make changes for being competitive and fast in cp?
This guy doesn’t care about getting a job and it’s not like he doesn’t enjoy solving problems and as said before it’s not like he is incapable. It’s a guy who’s starting out to give himself to cp. But he is cautious. I think this question rather warrants an answer from 7 stars, 6 stars, or may 5 stars user, but others can give your point of view too.

as far as i know doing cp is completely different to sd. we can use as many as libraries in our code but doing same in software may lead to unsatisfied end use. also cp is a sport where we compete but not to show our arrogance or show our superiority.