Placement Preparation Week 1

@references kindly explain what was the point of hosting this contest
I won’t list out the issues as this contest had every issue you can probably think of

@admin please look into this


Again same story. Again some stupid contest with some wrong test cases. Try to make some quality rated contest and remove these garbage.


Well we should start ignoring non rated contests.

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You shouldn’t. Last night CodeKombat contest was also unrated but it had an amazing problemset. It’s the fault of codechef that they didn’t distinguish between the bad ones and the good ones. My suggestion is that try to participate watching the rating of the problem creator. My observation says that below 4* coders create bad questions.

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Can’t agree more with you, that contest had the potential to be a rated contest tbh. Like solving only 5 problems out of 9 took all the time for me.

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