Plag in codechef Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee helppp meeeee

I have got 2 plags in long challenge 2 years back in my 1st year of Btech when I don’t know what Codechef is. Now they stopped long challenge. I’m doing all the starters on my own but what if I get a plag unexpectedly? will my account get banned?? Are those 2 past plags are still active??.. If so I’ll create a new account and start fresh without any plags… but getting to this level takes atleast half year… I have participated in 28 contests in this account(Weekly one contest takes 7 months to participate in 28 contests) so it is very hard to do that all again in short time. Please just tell me clearly about this plag.

Thank you.

Whenever you are flagged for plagiarism - you receive an email from to your registered email id followed by an appeal process. Just keep checking your emails.

That said - it is also true that users with plag flags in 3 or more contests are necessarily banned.

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I didnt get a mail from but got mails from Will that be counted??