Plagarised in FEBLONG2020

i have two id’s on codechef and my both id’s have same solution in FEBLONG2020
as i solved first three problem on my second id(not use generally)
also one of my submmition is same to another person but i solved more than him and i got a mail last evening that my submissions got cancelled what should i do… @admin ???
unknowingly i done that i dont heared about that rule so, i submmited three problem on first id and then just copied to another profile on codechef for incresing rating because i dont want to lose rating on my generally used id and rest of the problemes are solved only on that id which is my general id…
what next i have to do @admin pls do reply ???


Read the mail you got. If you cant read then sorry noone can help you.


It is the problem of having 2 account. You should read the rules before participate in the contest. :neutral_face:. Now, just wait for admin’s argument.

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i read that …

Seems you didnt. Read again.


Woww…What do you expect actually?? Should this be allowed??


nooo…definitly no but i didn’t think about that a person can’t participate using two ids but one chanse should be given to me i will never do it again

AFAIK Codechef doesn’t ban on first plagiarism detect. So you just get a great drop in rating which you can recover(by participating further without plag.) if you deserve.

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what is your suggetion tell me i am felling much frustated right now i have given 10 days to this contest and by a small mistake i don’t want to lose my id…!!!

If you would have read mail you would have know only method to appeal is reply back on that mail. Posting here wont help.


what i have to say in reply can you just tell me brief about it

Yeah sure.


“I accept that I cheated and please reduce my rating.”



You have to write a mail that you will not use your fake ID and you will deactivate your fake ID right now.
That’s the whole solution.

I don’t want to lose my rating is their any other way to regret !!!

There is no way without losing rating.

You made 2 mistakes and even 1 was sufficient to lose rating. Using 2 accs isnt allowed and they dont consider this argument. 2nd some other acc as well has submitted same code. Protecting your code is your responsibility. If you cant then face consequences. There is no way out. I repeat Asking here wont help. Also replying back wont help.


Now that we are talking about it, I was also planning on having two ids, one for lunchtime and cookoff and other for longs, because I am a beginner and not confident enough to do great in short contests and don’t want to loose rating… So is this against the rules as well??

There is no second chance in life. You should have read rules before participating.


Yes it is against the rule .