Plagiarism Again in Aug Long Challenge... SMH

Dear Codechef,
In August long- challenge, again there is case of plagriasm. Do something very strict. Your reputation and a lot of candidates’ hardwork is on sake.


They are trying bro.
But it will take a lot of time to catch all plag codes.

Many persons have posted their solution in various websites like Youtube etc. From there, many have copied the answers.

Yeah I agree but at least they should take some serious actions against ones, who are posting their solutions on various platforms like Youtube.

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it isn’t possible to do so.
People can change their original solution to avoid MOSS and put it on youtube using some fake account to gain views.

But my point is, don’t concern yourself with cheaters or their ratings. They are just wasting their own time. There are cheaters on every platform.


how do they got to know their codechef handles from youtube,or other websites ?

Since you left CP, I have no one to plag with. I’ve fallen to 3* from 5* because you betrayed me and left. Please rejoin our “secret” group so that we can regain our ratings.

If anyone else is interested in the group, DM me on codeforces.
Hope to start a network of plaggers.

Long live Karangreat234 legacy!


Who on earth (and discuss) is muffling my comments?
This new mod system sucks (a lot). Period.

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