Plagiarism Chefdag

Codechef should ban these accounts!

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exactly, I was assuming max 520, it went par 600, as if all sleeping coders woke suddenly on last day(MONDAYYYY) and finished all those scary problems :joy:


Yes @chitreshapte bro ,
U are absolutely right.
And codechef moss is very strong ,no one can escape from it.Wait for day when plagiarism hammer hit all of them ,we will have more gray people :wink:


The last 2-3 hrs was the time when the hard work started.



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this is pretty normal? Btw what does codechef do when this thing happens?

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My score was 380 on march 11 that day my global rank was around 80 and I remember on 12th march after a whole day my rank fall to around 100(don’t remember the exact rank) only fall of 10-15 rank were happening.
But as time passes I saw more decrease and at last day it fall around 200.

Bhai ye mazak ho raha hain ,ek dum se waqt badal diye ,jaazbaat badal diye.



there are certain websites which are used for sharing codes

even admin likes this XD

this cant be stopped i guess

same here

can someone tell me that when these ranks are updated? i can see 2 star on my name but no ranks?.

takes few hour. Ratings have been updated

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yes but i cant see that in my graph? This is my first contest. Just i can see is 1575 but not on the graph

@admin The rating for the March Long Challenge has been given! There are still a lot more people who copied-they apparently just changed the variables, but still the MOSS didn’t check all of them. Is there going to be another round of plagiarism checks? Or is CodeChef going to let these Cheaters slide?


mail to codechef about them there’s no point of putting their name on a public forum.
MOSS admin will check and if it’s genuine they will take actions. :slight_smile:

Hey, another 2 users having the exactly same code for CHPINTU -
casebasher_91 - CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
johnwigbrian12 - CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

They also belong to the same school.


My rank in Feb after play check was something 1800 and my rank in march long challenge is 639(my highest) but still my rating only increase by 33 @admin

Although i am beginner for cp and just started it from being inspired from this long challenge.
but it is sad to know that unfair practices are prevailing here. :unamused:
i also caught the first guy’s sol of laser with another
CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
P.S. : i am really sad that people are not true for self.