Plagiarism continued for Months. Action will be taken :)



These-4-people from my college have been involved in plagiarism since last 3 months(Jan-Long-Challenge) .

There are 50-60 instances where I’ve caught them in cheating red-handed. These are a few of them : -

Other instance : -

Other instance:-

Links to plagiarsim of Feb :-

Even the name of their functions is same . I guess the Moss process for this(February) is over. Please look into it.

1-more time:-

All they do is sometimes change variable-names in Long Challenges :frowning: But, in Lunchtime and Cookoffs, their code matches exactly!

To be truthful, it feels as if 30-40%(AC) submissions on Long-Challenges(of div.2) are due to plagiarism.

Seriously demotivating for people who invest their 10 days :frowning:

@vijju123 @admin

NOTE:-I’ve all their plagiraism report since February if Codechef wants more information :slight_smile:
Edit:-Most of the plagiarists banned :slight_smile:


Codechef Plagiarism checker is very good and It gives excellent results ( even if you change variable names).
Now it depends on admin about how lenient he is.
Also it takes a lot of time to check every pair and hence MOSS results take time.
They will be plagiarized surely.
You can always report such instances if you want to make sure that they get plagiarized though.
You can report it to @vijju123 also.


The MOSS of Feb and March long is yet to conclude, so I refuse to accept “Codechef took no action on them” this part.

If you got links of submissions for Jan then do let me know, I will look into it.


Currently, I am busy with some work, I’ll send you the links in 1-2 days :slight_smile:


Thats why I always advise PMing. You people should listen that the rules we have here are only for your own good and not because we want any constraints on discussion forum.

…I will see what I can do…


yes,I’ll take care of it from next-time :slight_smile:


Top ranked in APRIL19B, have the same code(and from the same university). This is a real demotivation for others in the list.
Question : KLPM

They have even added extra loops(last statement k = 12 of first code) to prevent detection.


Links to plagiarsim of Feb :-

Even the name of their functions is same . I guess the Moss process for this is over. Please look into it.


So why weren’t they caught in February :frowning: As its Moss process is already over :frowning:


I still don’t doubt the software part of Moss process…
Then why weren’t they caught ?
Idk… One possible reason maybe too many submissions to check.
12000*12000 pairs for that problem.
Also it was cake walk and straight forward to solve…
I think people more focus on tough problems…
Easy questions might have more similar solutions.


Yep,in January,all problems were easy, so I don’t know what will be done?! Similar solution is other thing and code + functions(even weird names matching is no coincidence :stuck_out_tongue: ) matching 99% is other thing, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Though NBONACCI has the strongest proof of being plagiarized, followed by FENCE,etc :slight_smile:
Anyways, I did my job of reporting, rest is the decision of Codechef :slight_smile:


Agree… they are from same college…
That’s makes it more suspicious :slight_smile:


These are all links of Feb Long.

Even the name of their functions is same :stuck_out_tongue: I guess the Moss process for this is over. Please look into it :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel that you should at least cross check your sources?


:rofl: @vijju123


I guess I have no info. on January. Rest of the decision is all on Codechef. I’ve no say in it:-)


If thats the case then simply stop jeopardizing Codechef’s MOSS system point blank like this. And as usual, saying cheaters aren’t caught before MOSS is wrong as well.


I mean,there are all instances just after Jan , not of Jan. Really sorry for that. And Moss is very strong, I know that. But I felt that these cases might be forgiven, so I brought them to light. @vijju123


I guess you meant “these cases might have escaped” because if they were forgiven then it must have been for a very valid reason. We dont just give pardons for cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:


…okkk :slight_smile:


I am not able to understand ,why the people are doing this type of shit thing, what did he get.