Plagiarism for using templates?

Can my account be flagged for plagiarism/cheating if I’m using templates found online? My code involves a debug template from a codeforces blog, and I’m worried if codechef can flag my account for cheating if someone else is also using that debug template

You are already a four star coder, you should know better.

If templates are huge and two people use the same, it can cause plagiarism. Mention the source from where you have taken the code. If you already have been notified about plagiarism. Then mail them regarding the source you have taken from. You can also take codes from online websites provided you have mentioned the source.

Cheers man, I’ve not used it on codechef yet but I’ll attribute the link in the code

No. Templates don’t get flagged.

lol ByteRace :rofl:

What happened?

Did you see my post on codeforces?? :grinning:

How do I report plagiarism in this contest. there a few submissions with the same code. These people have used the same code in the December lunch-Time as well. they have used the same code in Yesterday’s Div 2 on CF
the submissions are :
solution 1
solution 2
solution 3
solution 4
solution 5
solution 6