Plagiarism hasn't been checked yet

I see many of them who have cheated in the feb long challenge arent been punished yet…My rank was thrown away from 400 to 1700 in a day.
Suppose I have a rank of 1700 as of now, once after checking plagiarism and disqualifying cheaters will my rank and ratings get updated? It isn’t a surprise that at least 700-800 people have cheated.
Fun fact: People who have cheated and reading this want to delete this post.


This is a slow Process. This is the link where an Announcement was made in the month of August 2020 by admin, that Ratings of those who were caught under Plagiarism were dropped. It was also mentioned that the same for next contests will be done soon.

Plagiarism checks and ratings drop for contests after FEB20 will be done in the coming months, and with shorter waiting time.

For this question, you may refer the above link to know the details.

They may want to delete the post. But I don’t think it is easy.

Coming to my part, I have been participating in Codechef contests for about an year. I literally don’t like the aftermath of Long Challenges. Several threads regarding Plagiarism, that person cheated, this person cheated etc., of course, even I started many threads like that. But it is not gonna impact anyone. Cheaters will cheat, Codechef will do its job.

PS: Never again start a discussion regarding Cheaters. Codechef Discuss is not looking like it was before.
Don’t worry, Codechef will penalise the cheaters sooner.
Happy Coding.


delete this

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You don’t have right to say this. You’re liable to get banned for your behaviour.

I guess u are new to codechef then!

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No…the author!


Oh, I get it, so you can make baseless accusations against a lot of people, but when I say something, I might get banned, huh? Remind me again, what gives you the right to suggest a ban on me?

This reply of yours does.

This is what you wrote, right?

no **** sherlock.

What do you think about yourself? A Genius? or world’s greatest person?
If you feel like that, instead of putting such messages in forum participate in Contests to prove.

Hope you stop interrupting random Conversations with your dirty comments.

This is what I was replying to, the comment which you had later deleted, as can be seen by the replies, and now you’re trying to turn the narrative on me. smh, talk about manipulation.

You were single handedly accusing the entire college of cheating, without any proofs. What do you think about yourself? A Genius? or world’s greatest person? The chief justice of India?

If you feel like that, instead of putting such baseless allegations in forum participate in Contests to prove it.

Hope you stop interrupting random Conversations with your random doxxing of people from yours/other colleges.

Be a little mature and don’t waste your time in feeding the trolls.


These Posts are actually useless. Cheaters will be penalized, there is no need for creating a post for that.

Only post when you are facing a genuine issue.

I myself did not have the idea of such massive cheating on CodeChef.
I was surprised after seeing so much submission on xor sum, multiple games problems after 10 days.
It was like 6 days have gone 20 submissions and suddenly after 10 days 1100 submissions.
I was feeling happy that I was able to solve the problem with 25 submissions after spending 4 days and 32 hours and then seeing 1100 submissions is just weird.


Same goes with me dude!

bro can you tell me how long does it take to update the plagiarists result for a long challange of 3 days

Hey, it takes us about 15-20 days to update the plagiarism results for every contest.

There’s this guy who was in div 4 and now in div 3 due to plagiarism. He legit copy pasted a code he got over the internet and didnt even care to remove the telegram groups name lmfao.
The solution’s which he gave were :
1.Solution: 61329198 | CodeChef
2.Solution: 61408909 | CodeChef
I admit these guys are obsessed with getting a better rating no matter what, but copy pasting without even checking the code, damn that’s on whole another level.

Thanks for reporting, please email this to so we can have a better look at the issue.