Plagiarism penalties - Ratings drop - August 2020

As was explained in, we have had a huge backlog of ratings to be penalized, and today we have done it for all users caught in contests from AUG18 to FEB20.

Appeals against these will not be entertained now, as the appeal phase for these contests is long over.

We’ll explain a few details about the process here:

  • Users who haven’t been caught in plagiarism in any of these contests will not have any change in their rating (apart from the AUG20 rating update which has been done after the penalty drops)
  • For others, ratings have been recalculated from AUG18, and the rating penalty has been applied at the time of the contest itself. That is, if a user has plagiarized in DEC18, then the rating penalty of 275 points is applied in DEC18 itself. This is done so as to allow genuine users who had been caught in plagiarism because of some unfortunate mistake from their part, to have the chance to gain back their ratings over time if they hadn’t cheated in more contests and had good performances in later contests.
    One side effect of this being that there are some users whose final rating now is higher than what it was before the recalculation, even after the rating penalty drop. This is because of how the rating mechanism works and higher volatility has helped these fraction of users caught.
  • Contests in the month of August 2018 are an exception to the above point, and their penalties are cumulatively applied in the last rated contest of that month for some users. This is due to some technical complications which we will not get into here.

Plagiarism checks and ratings drop for contests after FEB20 will be done in the coming months, and with shorter waiting time.


More action coming soon.


if user plagrized more then 3 times then what happens ?


CodeChef is healing


Great job…looking for the recalculation of ratings after Feb 20. Truly great initiative by Codechef. But only one question @admin I noticed that for some users it has been mentioned that they have been plagiarized in their rating graph while others are not.

I have also uploaded a reference screenshot of two such profiles:

Can this be rectified??


Then the user gets plagiarized more than 3 times


:joy:Wow. I didn’t Know that.


Yes, we’ve noticed this issue and are looking into it. You can still identify by the black triangle and the red dot, but the text doesn’t appear for some users, which should hopefully be fixed in a few days.


“Along with this, we will also be banning users who are caught plagiarising three times, with the count starting from AUG20.”

What exactly is unclear about this?


Try it yourself :new_moon_with_face:


he is on the way
he cheated more than thrice , but was able to escape
he writes code in so many functions for better escape


I don’t think any think will happen…because I have seen users been plagiarized in multiple contests but I haven’t seen any suspension of accounts

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as I read somewhere in codechef blog, the count of plagarism is more than 3 times with count starting from August20 challenge, then the account will be banned.
hope this helps.

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ok so after aug 20 if some user caught more than 3 times then he will be banned. :+1:

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As the admin has said, people caught plagiarizing more than 3 times form Aug 20, such accounts will be banned.


So, many who cheated in past contests, got a boost in their ratings.
And if I am not incorrect, its not a small amount of users.
This is not good :pleading_face:.


are bhai sharam krlo yrr , in feb19 me and my roomates have same code ,and also uska punishment mil gya bhai , tum yr kya aadmi ho bhai


in not just feb19 dude
in almost every contest u cheated
but able to escape moss


@admin please remove the plagiarism mark from the rating graph just decrease the rating.because that mark just ruins the profile…all the progress that the user may have made by fair means may be neglected by the viewer just because the user made a mistake in the past by sharing his code and now has a blot that reminds him of it.