Plagiarism in April20A

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I have found these two similar codes in two questions they have deliberately added gfg codes in comments in hope of not getting caught in MOSS
Factor Tree:-
Squared Subsequence:-
@admin @vijju123 @dvyn01 @hackslash_123 Please look into these solutions these are similar codes.


Thanks for reporting. But please send an email to with these details.

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Funny part is that he added c++ code in Java file.


I am Aniket Sanghi, Age 20, 3rd year B-Tech IIT Kanpur
Aryan Sanghi is my real brother, class 10th!
And yes we live together.

Let me clarify your doubts.

Firstly, All Questions were solved by him totally independently! No one have even peeked into each others code. And he uses the basic template which is similar to mine.

Secondly, Lets consider the first question you are talking about LLLGRAPH.

  • I can’t see any similarity in the algorithms? The function names are dfs for obvious reasons, if you will read the algorithms, I am sure they are very different.
  • I see that pattern of function calls are looking similar, and thats because he is my little brother and I did teach him how to code in beginning and he must have inherently adopted my style of coding. And the questions itself demanded to solve for each k independently and thats why “every” solutions do have separate solutions for each k.

Now lets talk about the second question PPDIV

  • Count all perfect divisors of a number - GeeksforGeeks
  • Check the above link! We both got this online and we did try it independently!
  • But wait! His solution is simple brute force and my one derives from this approach. Have you even read the code? I can’t find even a line same.
  • And more importantly this is not the complete solution of either of us :slight_smile:

And for your last doubt, I submit codes again and again because I want to check if my current written algorithm is running within the time limit of the problem so that I don’t have to debug my code later the hard way later! (And if someone wants to hide being plagiarised then probably resubmitting solutions is a very bad idea lol as then there is a high probability of matches! :stuck_out_tongue: )

I really find this so disheartening @admin @vijju123 that just because of some personnel doubts and jealousy people are putting false claims on people publicly!

And my friend @plag_reporter please if you have doubt then mail them, they know how to check for plagiarism. Don’t try to ruin the image of people publicly please! Thanks.
And I request community to not frame your opinions about others without validating his claims
yourself. Thanks.


Funny part is people create new id just to report plagiarism.


The answers for Line graph are not even close to similar.


To be honest the brute force solutions are pretty trivial and it can be easily found on the internet . And for the first part though the coding style is similar but the logic is different.

A very slight changes in variable names…
These people are from different Divisions although they have the same Code for FCTRE.
Maybe a single person is using both of these accounts or they might be friends but this is a matter of concern.
Please Look into it @admin @vijju123


Brothers will obviously have same coding style and @aniket_sanghi admits he taught his brother @aryansanghi . And by the similarity of the codes you cant tell that they cheated :slight_smile: as the popular functions have same name and same implementation :slight_smile:


This is second time you are reporting the same thing… are you having any personal enmity (maybe with the other guy) ? I already gave you an explanation why they look similar and maybe the guy in question ended up copying the same public code as me. It is indeed some part copied but if you can prove that the codes are public on some website like GeeksForGeeks or on a Codeforces Blog (at the time of contest) it’s okay to include them in code.

Your brother is dammn lucky !


Isn’t this against CodeChef rules ?

It is great at his age. I really respect that. But I suspect he has received some help from you.

I feel I was completely wrong on this point.

@admin ok will send a mail.