Plagiarism in FEB LONG CHLG

Codechef post long challenge question on social platform like facebook,instagram,linkedin and many people start discussing that problem in comment section.It is unfair.So my request to Codechef don’t post question on social platform or disable the comment section.
@admin kindly look into this matter.


For your kind information, codeforces hardly cares about plagiarism. It doesn’t have plagiarism mechanism as good as Codechef.
And you’re saying they are better at stopping plagiarism ? How ??


I mean the kind that plagiarizes stuff are usually Specialist and below on cf.
Assuming A takes at least 20 minutes and B takes at least 30 minutes for ‘em, C and above they can’t solve so they post somethin’ on Facebook and in total this takes an hour.
A reply takes 20 minutes, so now they need 40 minutes to try to understand it and implement, and most likely they can’t do that in time.
So all they solve are the stuff of their own ability :D.


Then what do you suggest ?
If even Codechef stop doing good plagiarism check then they won’t cheat ?


Either you’re too innocent or you are too dumb when you say that.
I have seen people doing live conference call during short contests. And even they share and modify each other’s code and submit it.
2 hours are more than enough for copying


Not really, just offering a probable insight to why Codeforces cheating ain’t cared about as much. 2 hours are sure enough for copying, but not to as an extent as 10 days. I mean you have never seen peeps complainin’ 'bout Codechef short contests and plagiarism in it don’t you?
I guess I just don’t know the extent of some people’s determination to cheat. I never and can’t even cheat on Codeforces if I want to since my friend circle are always able to solve the same ABC div1 and then gets stuck on D.


just for reducing plagiarism, I don’t think we should remove long challenges (if that’s the solution you are proposing).
Because the learning value it creates among beginners is much more valuable than cheating.


Can’t we just be chill like Codeforces!

Edit: Now Codeforces is too having Plagiarism checker! LOL!

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Nah I’m not proposing anything lol. Just offerin’ a probable insight. I like Longs since it gives me something to think about for 10 days of a month.