Plagiarism in May Long Challenge 2019

Look at these solutions:
It is really sad to see the plagiarism happening on codechef. The way these two solutions are modified to avoid getting caught from MOSS is flabbergasting.
Only humans can identify that these two codes are pretty much same.
Ratings have been already modified by codechef.
I request admin and moderators to take action against such users.


@vijju123 You might want to look into this !


Lol! he literally put his name in comment and copy pasted it many times
I mean was he try to create watermark or something :smile:
btw hav you used MOSS yourself ? well I have
and I can tell you for sure that they will get caught
you can try MOSS by yourself its free anyways
They all are newbies who are trying to find any loophole in codechef plagarism checker. Their acc has very less activity coz may be its either fake or belongs to some amateur


I must say that is a wonderful technique but they will surely be caught . MOSS results are still pending for MAY long so you have to wait .


@vijju123 Would you like to say something about how and where to report these cases?

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Guys, please report such cases over at codechef email. Its very convenient for MOSS admin to have it in the emails assigned to him rather than him having to hunt down each and every instance of reported cheating here on discourse.


he might be reducing % of match of code XD


Oh my god!
Did it really pass the plagiarism checker?

who told you that it passed plagiarism checker ?
You can’t escape from plagiarism checker… you can escape from person verifying its result manually… cuz plagiarism match maybe high due to FAST i/o class , etc various reasons so they have to verify results manually


I see.
I am sorry if I misunderstood.

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