Plagiarism is at new level now(Duplicate)

Most of the solutions of the long contest were available on youtube.

If this would be repeated, Codechef ratings will become a joke in the future.

Although with honesty, we are learning and improving our programming skills. But for sake of Codechef’s reputation, a few strict rules to be made coz there would be no point to prove our hard work in interviews/resumes using codechef’s ranks and ratings.

Edit 1: Suggestions - Codechef can reduce the time of long contests to 4-5days.


There are multiple threads discussing this, please post this over there and don’t create this new thread.

I think its better if codechef removes ranklist during long challenges… Ranklist is needed to know which one to solve… That is already available on contest page… So remove that… We need the count of submissions and not who actually solved them… By removing ranklist we can reduce these people who cheat to brag about their skills in clg or community