Plagiarism Report

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How can you be so sure about plagiarism without even having a look at his code? What is so ridiculous about him solving questions in 2 hours?

Seems a useless post to me. Solving problems in just 2 hrs is no indication of Plagiarism.
rumblefool (India first) solved all problem in Just one submission. According do you he must be involved in Plagiarism?

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Don’t you had brain to think that he solved and tested his solutions offline and batch submit whenever he wants.

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Maybe you can come up with stronger evidence.

It’s not bad, as still he didn’t said about tourist​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


I think you must be confuse between:
and .
Look like its his second account but it doesn’t matter . Most of the participants solving problems from there fake account and when they are confident enough that there rating won’t decrease so they then submit it on the last day. That’s it.

He is just telling one one of the possibility. Please don’t be rude Sir.