Plagiarism (Urgent!)

Recently I have been accused of plagiarism in starters 110B. All of my solutions match with @random_coder74. But that’s actually my second account, and I can give every possible proof that.
I know that creation of second account is violating Codechef terms, but I had no choice. I was in middle of a transit and only had my laptop with me(in which the access to my main account was missing). I joined in from the laptop and as I soon as I reached home, I switched to computer with my main account. You can even check the timing of the submissions. I did the first three problems with my second account(@random_coder74) in about an hour. But then I switched to my main account and thereafter copied those codes. I am sorry for creating a second account, but I really wanted to appear for the contest at ZCO is approaching and I am working really hard for it.

Please @admin help! Also please mention what kind of proofs do I need to give that it was my second account? Again, I deeply apologize for creating a second account but I didn’t want to miss the contest.

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Hello, it’s me Roumak from my second account

My reply from second account is flagged as spam due to some reason.

Anyone please help, I didn’t steal any kind of code from others. I was really in trouble that day and couldn’t join in from my main account on time. But after about an hour I finaly reached home and was able to submit the code from my main account. I know that a person shouldn’t have more than two accounts, that’s why I never created one before, I just did that on that particular day. Codechef admins can even check that both of the account had connected from the same ip (I used cellular hotspot for my computer and laptop). 275 is hugely penalty for that. I worked really hard for the 4 stars (even though it might bot seem much from my CC account, but I can assure that I worked a lot behind the scenes).


Hey @roumak,

Copying codes from one account to another is a form of cheating, even if the accounts are your own. One can easily use a throwaway account to test submissions and then use the main account to make the final correct submission.

You can reply to the plagiarism mail you received, to get help.

I aggree with that, and I also deeply apologize for that, but as I have already said, I realy didn’t want to miss the contest so I did that. One can also see that, I never did that before, and neither will in the future

hi sir, how plagiarism working can u explain like if the both the codes are completely same or else if code is matching 60 to 70 percent?