I am a 1 star and there are like two major coding groups in my college so i use two different codechef IDs for each one of them to see my ranking in both the groups. So during the live contest i participate in any one of them and in the last i copy my successfull codes to the second codechef ID ( both codes are mine only ). I am doing this from past 2 weeks and till now i did not got any plagiarism issues. But i am confused is this allowed on codechef or not? should i deactivate one of my account?? Please help!!

Code of Conduct, Rule 1.

stop that immediately or else when you enter div 3 your account will be removed completely as div 3 is the most prone division for plgiarism (no offence but this is the truth)
so dont play with fire.if you still want to play multiplle accounts you better create another on a differnet site like codeforces try it its really good to have a change of pace every now and then