Report for plagiarism :
(Only the variable names have been changed)



Hope codechef will detect it

Tbh, this sucks.
There is no possible way to stop this. MOSS can neither be too harsh nor lenient. So, blaming them for punishing/not punishing is not ok.

When I was solving DYNAMO, I was thinking of writing my code uniquely (since most of the people will write the same code with same variables (given as a,b,c,d and e) and this applies for almost all the problems because the algorithm we use for solving a problem could’ve been (if not must) chosen by someone else as well. It has become something like you have to have problem solving + implementation + variable naming and other skills so that your code doesn’t matches any other code unintentionally.

One more thing I saw this long challenge was a guy posted the approach to the problem CHEFPSA on discuss. It was deleted within hours but it was the same as getting a TV series spoiler for some people including me. I couldn’t attempt that problem with the excitement I wanted. So the solution I found was to stay away from discuss or any other such platform (just like you do when your favourite TV series arrives).
I would like to tell those people that if you can solve the problem, kindly don’t spoil it for us. And people who are looking for answers everywhere around on the internet, will you do the same if it’s your favourite TV series? If the answer is no, then don’t do this here as well. Afterall, you’re coding because you like it. There is no point in solving the problem when someone else tells you the answer.

I understand that when we can’t solve a problem, we desparately want it’s solution asap (be it anywhere), but if it spoils the fun of a bunch of other people, it’s better for you to remain desparate for 10 days or so.


The myth that you can’t score full marks in English is broken this long challenge


XD …omg …lmao

LOL :joy::joy:

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@utkarsh911 what did u replied next :joy:

Kindly asked him to keep trying for the next 7-8 days and he understood it pretty well


Good One. They have almost the same solution as stated earlier and they are also from the same college. Maybe they have done group work. This is totally not fair. Plagiarism detectors should give more importance to check for plagiarism between the code of students from the same college!

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LMAO :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Can’t stop laughing!

XD this is some high level meme.

We will look into it when this Moss is taken up. Thanks for reporting.

Variable names don’t matter at all for plagiarism. And don’t worry if you are honest. I have experience of 75 contests and I can guarantee that you don’t need to worry about being caught with false positive case of MOSS.


no action against people cheated a year ago…

Bah, shoulda have just blocked him instantly after instead.

Hahahah :joy::joy: . Was having a down day (not really well, max(throat ache) :frowning:) , and this made it slightly better xD
I love how you genuinely reply, “I don’t think anyone can score 100 , I got 94 :joy:

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what are u talking …this is india :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: ,…here everyone will be taught in their 10th class about how to cheat…
even if he blocks…that cheater will ask someone else
(because cheater asked this guy because he first asked someone else)
so that quest will go on
yeah we should be strict and not allow cheating
but these people will not change anyway they will keep on asking someone or other

i think these people who dont want to learn participate in contests only to brag when they do well…
so just by removing institution wise ranklist…we can stop a lot of cheating

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So rating matters so much to people😅