Please can anyone explain WATSCORE problem to me

I have gone through others solution but unable to understand there approach…so can anyone clear my doubt please
problem code: WATSCORE

If you haven’t yet given it a sincere try, please do. In case you already have, you may add your understanding and approach to help community understand your situation and be able to help you better.

For this problem WATSCORE, it seems to easily demonstrate what CodeChef platform also follows in a submission penalty-free contest. There are 8 scorable problems, and problems 9 to 11 are unscorable (same in CodeChef when they do not belong to the same division of a multi-division contest). For scorable problems, you may have multiple scores assigned as per the given list of submissions. So, for each problem from 1 to 8, you just need to sum up the maximum score that you have secured (0 by default or more if given via input).

For maintaining maximum scores against a problem, you can have either 8 variables, an array of length 8 (concept: Direct Address Table) or a Map (concept: Hash Map / Hashing) for maximum score of 8 questions, and finally after gathering maximum scores obtained from parsing inputs, you may output their sum.

I hope it helps.