Please Cancel these upvotes.



@admin, please cancel the upvotes given to me by @king_the_coder . It seems a fake account, and no matter howsoever good answers I write, no one gonna upvote them all under 1 minute. Someone is trying to make things bad for me…


i was even caught in the same thing some days back where i just upvoted one question so that they could accept my answer(instead of awarding me points) , and rather people framed me .
i guess someone is doing it in order to defame many of us.
@admin take some immediate steps .

i request the admin to look into the matter as soon as possible and take some strict actions.
i request everyone here in the forum to just tag @admin so that he notices it , i have written about it to them , and ask everyone else to take a minute out and ask him to do something regarding the new accounts that are created only for upvotes.


I am sure that codechef keeps track of ip addresses . It will be very easy to catch such people because atleast once the person will do the mistake of logging in from the same device . It may be possible that it may be a public computer but still , it will be of some help .


I wholeheartedly agree with both of you…

@admin should take strict action against these fake account holders…

I started contributing only this month and…

So annoyed i was of these fake allegations like hungry enough for laddus and all that… i do not enjoy this competitive aura of contributors…

I like writing editorials, so now, i would not be contributing much as i did during last week and would confine my contributions to editorials (unofficial) of monthly contests…

PS:I am not at all interested in laddus codechef offer to top contributors…


i wrote to them about tracking ip addresses and banning accounts from the same pc. but the cyber cafes and public pc’s :frowning:


But at some point , it becomes clear when someone is using fake accounts . There must be some pattern . For ex. if a device caters to only few accounts , it may be possible that those are fake accounts . May be . Moreover I am new on the discuss portion of codechef , so I don’t know much .


Your editorials were a bliss I must say . But i sincerely want to say to you as a well wisher to drop the habit of asking for upvotes and likes . It doesn’t paint a good picture .

keep up the good work !


I always wrote that because upvotes/accepted answers used to let me know that this question is satisfactorily answered…

I used to check all questions answered by me which are not accepted, in case there was any reply, any doubt…

That was my motto behind accepted answers, as i believe, was codechef admins’ too…

This discuss forum will probably see the next of me on 30th, sept lunchtime for unofficial editorials…

Hope you and others keep contributing in my place too…

PS: please don’t upvote my answer even if you find this helpful in any way :slight_smile:


Bro , I am not questioning your motive , I just wanted you to know that in a place whose sole motive is to help others , expecting something from someone doesn’t looks good .

Many of my answers don’t get upvotes or get accepted even if I was the one who cleared that doubt . I leave it to viewers discretion .

Also , the motive with which you came to this forum is the same motive that I have . And I seriously wish that you remain in top 5 this month as you helped me this cook off .


When did i help u in COOK OFF mate??


how about otp log in ?


I mean with the editorials . I didn’t participate as I no idea about 2nd and 3rd problems . You can look at my submissions. They were all done after your editorial . Chill out man .



Better cancel that upvote…

I’m no longer interested in upvotes :slight_smile:

Coz I’m not checking any previous questions from now on…
Neither was this answer helpful in any way i could think of…


Oh… editorials…
I thought, during the contest :slight_smile:


I am a man of ethics my friend :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that…

Okay then…

PS:Please upvote my editorials on 30th… (just joking :smiley: )


Will be looking forward to them :slight_smile:


On an average , the person would be having at least 3 mobile phones at home . Doesn’t solve the purpose .


And hectic too


And keep on contributing in between , discuss needs you :stuck_out_tongue: