Please don't do this

A reminder of a few rules from Codechef code and conduct

  • Do not ask or discuss any aspect of any CodeChefs’ problem during an ongoing contest on any other platform, online or offline. Discussion of strategy should be avoided during the contest and postponed till the end.
  • You may try to solve a problem as a team, but make sure that there is only one submission made for a discussed solution in a contest. Submitting the same solution (or even algorithm) by different members of the team is not fair and will be considered as plagiarism.
  • Stay honest to the community. If you come across any wrongdoing, which hampers the decorum of the community on or off it, do report that to us. We will investigate the issue and take appropriate action to stop it.
  • Do not try any dishonest means to move up the rank tables.

I haven’t been doing CP for quite a while and was doing very few Qs from contests ever since I left college. So I fell to Division B and wanted to get back to Division A as soon as possible. [Fell from 6 stars to 2 stars]

I started the MARCH20B contest by solving first 5 problems on the first day, as they were relatively easy (even the 6th one is straight forward enough but I solved it the next day)

But I’ve realized I shouldn’t have done it!!!

Because I was on top of the leaderboard for the first few days, I was bombarded with Qs on all social media (Facebook and Instagram DMs) about ‘test cases’, ‘discussion of an algorithm’, ‘help needed’, ‘what am I going wrong’ kinda Qs. (I’ve replied to none of them)
[I know by not reporting this I’m in violation of #3 mentioned above, but I don’t want to report just on the first such incident]

I would honestly love to discuss these things after the contest, but discussion of the contest questions during the contest is plain wrong, and I hope people understand that. Your desire to get a good rank in a particular contest shouldn’t be done by going against Code & Conduct

I know I’ve been in college, and there were people who used to do a single contest as a group. I know the days I felt frustrated feeling its a one vs group contests I was participating in. Maybe that is still fine, but please don’t ping on social media of users DURING a contest about the contest Qs.



Very True. I was confused by your profile, specially that fall from 6 to 2 star so I tried connecting you on linkedIn. Your profile is an inspiration for many coders who quit after achieving 4-5 star.
And yes, whatever points you mentioned are very correct. Professionalism from young age builds up a real professional person in future. To every 1st-2nd year student, getting a star here and sitting dumb when asked to prove will make mockery of those who put in real time and efforts to solve problems and get 5-6 star. Please with your behavior, don’t make fool of them.
Pardon for english, but I hope my message is clear to all.


@ashukr97 I didn’t get ur point on 1st and 2nd year student.Would u ellaborate it .

It was a request to those starting their CP for first time(assuming mostly begin from 1st-2nd year, but not restricted just to them) to not fall for rating and stars trap, and indulge in false methods due to lack of moral guidance and how it might hamper their growth in future. When someone decide to test them, they will surely fail there, and will make mockery of these stars.
Consider a person who makes this general opinion that 4-5 star ain’t a big deal looking at those fools. Guys who put real efforts will also be looked by same vision by those recruiters.


Totally agree with you @ashukr97.
In between I’m also first year student :joy:.
That why I always prefer to see someone cf rating along with their codechef rating because I have seen many people being yellow,orange on codechef and gray on cf.


One Thing is very very true that rating and stars are not worthy if you have achieved it by shortcut.Also by saying that you are a 6 star or 5 star does not mean to anyone(not even you) if your are not able to compete with a 1 star honest contestant in real contest (actually it feel more embarrassment).

Long challenge are not meant to test your coding skills but it a very good opportunity to learn new things.
And at Last don’t fall in rating and star traps after some time you will get to know that if you are worthy you can achieved 6 star from 1 star in no time and at same time if you are not than certainly not able to maintain your charm for long time.


what i feel that this is pretty normal. since its online people can discusses among themselves and solve.

Totally agree with @mattup

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It is not normal.
Discussion in live contest is termed as cheating.

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bhai sun tera score bhe 380 tha kya? mera bhe 1575 points hai par graph me show nai karra

did the ratings change?

It will take time don’t worry to much about it.
It will be updated at today’s midnight or tomorrow morning.

ok bhai thank you

Congrats for 4 star @rohitpal210


same…codechef updated the ratings but not the graph…also they didn’t do anything about those involved in plagiarism

Bro they will take action for people involve in plagiarism.But this take time around 4-5 month I think.

bhai tera bhe graph me show nai karra kya? but i see kuch logo ka update ho gaya hai!

Completely agreed,
I dont give contests a lot, but i remember doing good once in a long challenge, and similar thing happened with me.
I would advice anyone to not ask for the solution. These long challenges are for your learning, obtaining the solution, getting a good rank here and having a good rating on codechef will not help you get a good job, trust me. Your grasp over algorithms and data structures is very observable in an interview. They won’t assume you to be a good coder just because you have a rating somewhere on a random platform.


After Your Profile Many will get to know rating doesnt matters, Learning in fair way does…
thanks for posting such a concerning post.