Please help me for "Problem Code: ALPHABET" this problem

Problem Code:ALPHABET
it gives me error
my code :
s = input()
n = int(input())
for _ in range(n):
book = input()
flag = True
for e in book:
if e not in s:
flag = False
if flag:

Print the ouput in right format.

1- Make “YES” as “Yes”.
2- Make “NO” as “No”.

You will get correct answer. See this Modified code Submission.

Unless the problem is absolutely trivial (ie you can solve it all in 2-3 lines of code), I find it’s a good idea to define two variables, which I usually call ‘success’ and ‘failure’, to be the program outputs.

That way, I can use something like:

success = "Yes"
failure = "No"
[more code here]
print(success if <success_condition_is_met> else failure)

That way, I can set up those variables at the start, copying them directly from the question specifications, and I don’t ever need to look at them again.