Please Help me, Genuinely needed help

How do platforms check for the Solution which are having multiple answers possible for one input ?

IMO there must be a checker which checks if the given solution satisfy the problem condition.

For example - print two number whose sum is 5
possible sol → 1 4, 2 3
Here checker will check if 1+4 is 5 or not.

I am not sure tho

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Ya you are right but how to write a code for a custom checker for that that I am asking about bcs I never make a problem for any platform and now I am so facing issue

that will depend upon problem

If it’s your problem only then how will you write a custom checker for it.

I can guess, for sites, first output is written on some file and then checker takes input from file and verify the condition

I also Understand what u are saying but I am not getting the way how to do that, how to take output file and then we can write checker for that and then comparing it with our final output file

I don’t get it.

Are you working on some problem for coding site? If yes, then someone who has set a problem before on that site can help you.

If you only want to know how to read from file then you can read it from any source available online

For this lemme give you an example of the problem
Here in this, the tester will check whether the difference between adjacent elements is more than 1 or not. Here, the reverse logic will be made in the tester program, does the solution satisfy the above conditions or not.