Please help me in finding Resource on TREES and GRAPH

I just completed 50 practice questions on DP (string and array based) and now I am planning to learn Graphs.
I know about implementing BST and some basic operations like Tree Traversal , finding Max, Min, etc. I don’t know from where I should learn more about Tree Algorithms and practice questions on them…
After learning this topics I will again solve 100 questions on DP.
But before that Please recommend me some good resource for learning Trees and Graphs…

When I started learning about Graph, I used few good books:

  1. Programming Challenges: The Programming Contest Training Manual by Steve S
  2. Guide to Competitive Programming by Antti Laaksonen

Nonetheless, if you are not a reader type person, you can watch videos, the solving part can be done from either Codechef itself or leetcode(I personally prefer leetcode, sorry CC).
Hope it helps you!

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Thank you very much…

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