Please help me with the constraints

  • 1≤T≤1051≤T≤105
  • 1≤x,k≤N≤109
    i’ve solve the problem but i’ve to apply these constrains while taking input
    please help

You don’t have to. Constraints just signify the desired time/space complexity.

but without applying these, my problem is only partially correct pls tell me how to apply those

Here T Is Numbers Of Input
And X Is Greater Than 1
And k Is Lesser Than N
And N Is Lesser Than 109
Constraints just signify the desired time/space complexity. You Dont Have To Solve Them These Just Tell You That What Condition Your Code Going To Face When It Is Tested, And You Have To Write Code In This Manner So That It Matches The Constrains
Suppose Here Is f>10^9 You Cant Use Int Here You Have To Use Long These Kind Of Hint Constrains Give To Us

Constraints are given to ensure the working of the program in case of appearance of a very large value that is greater than the range of the data type. You just have to take care your implementation doesn’t cause an integer overflow, say while multiplying two integers you exceed the integer range.
You have to use a data type that has a range great enough to accommodate your calculations. Generally, using unsigned data types is more efficient.