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1 v1 Compete with other section Compete button disable i’m new on CC so i’m unable to know more about this please help

create a room then copy the link of room id and send it to your friend

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Thankyou for your response.

***I think you mean by these two grey option and openable one ***

So , i thinks its totally random .
for example---- at 15 jun I played 1 v1 at 1 :59 pm == it was for debugging.


and at same time but different date 29 jun 1:59 pm == it was for code completion


it will next disable other for other at different time .
still if you want to play can play puzzle or create diiferent rooms.

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yes this is my query i think those all button are unable when we purchase a pro subscription…

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May be all at once after pro subscription.
but we can access one type at a time randomly slotted by CC :grinning:
or by making room & then inviting freinds in that.

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