Please Please Ban Me XD. /cc @vijju123


Techgig semifinal problem 2 , Bro try yourself.

Well i founded it here and since nobody was replying so i asked it here , now I get why nobody was replying.

Bro your thinking is as thrash as You.
Now get lost and if it concerns you so much then go see that I haven’t even registered on that contest and its not of my any interest.
I just wanted a solution and If u know then post after your contest gets over or else as i said get lost.
Else u could report and close the topic if its hurting u so much in your ass.
And u could see the question date(in the link) is 25th may 2k19 and if u have an understanding of calendar it not a “purani problem”.

Muje tumhari bato se ek akshay kumar ka dialogue yaad aara h " jali na teri jali na" and first of all tumhe thodi bat krne ki tamiz honi chaiye second agar tumne sirf ese hi ye problem uthai to tum kisi or ko pagal banana because the first case u given in your question is same as in techgig semi finals or rhi baat report ki to i already reported bro…be cool keep calm … God bless you :slight_smile:

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Be happy bro
Just tell me the date when this techgig gets over.

Sure bro the date is 4th june :smiley:

I have seen many questions on different platforms regarding this question and there are answers too. But everyone is interested in the code . Everyone is like ’ give me the code ,how to write the code '. It was a tough question XD XD .

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Why don’t you explicitly write its an ongoing contest? To escape a ban. I’m closing it.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Discussions about an problem in an ongoing problem is not allowed. You cannot post a question and ask about hints or explanations.

Bro I guessed u flagged it and that’s the best u could do and I appreciate that. And I don’t really need your speech of what i can or cannot without even knowing the question or conversation rather I would hope for a solution on 5th when I reopen it.

Ok if you did not violate any rule or regulations please again put the question on discuss, we all would surely help you .
Why did you take down the post if you did not violate any rule ?
And please do not get the impression that no one saw your question.

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Well its good if u saw the question and if u are a part of the contest and by anyway u could see the contestants u would not find me. In short I am not part of any contest.
Secondly i saw it here
Just as u are seeing it everywhere I am also seeing it everywhere and since I am beginner so I thought of asking here.
Now please no more replies it is closed.

What if I ask someone to ban you?
That’s the best I can do.

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ok…go ahead…

Hi @vijju123

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:slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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