Please post solutions of CCDSAP

Can anyone provide solutions of problems of the contest?


Problem tags / Hints -
BADMATH - Digit Dp, read any blog about it.
FASTROAD - Dijkstra. (Consider len/sp as road length find shortest path.)
SMCMP - DSU (Disjoint set union), read any blog about it.
NOTSIEVE - Note B−A≤1e6. Segmented sieve. Expected time complexity O(1e6*log(1e6)) per test case.
VERYHARD - Note 1≤K≤5. Maintain answer for all 5*5 (rem,k) possible pairs. You can use 25 BIT or 25 segment trees etc.


In VERYHARD won’t we need just 5 BIT’s instead of 25 ? As the k is given so we will only build for that given k , rem can be [0-4] for that we need 5 ?

True. Didnt noticed K is fixed.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

BADMATH doesnt need dp , normal resursion is enough as number of empty space in string is not more than 15.


Nice catch.
2^{15} brute force is also enough.
@babangain My 2 cents after seeing this contest. Check constraints twice before implementing something in CCDSAP.


where can I find the CCDSAP Advanced level problem which gave it(july 2019).I badly need to upsolve it


AFAIK they are not made public.


then can it be made private(unique link with lot of random letters) for those who participated in it

Can someone please provide the solution of Problem HASHRAD.

No. There is a lot of possibility of people leaking out the questions like that, especially those who failed to clear the exam.

I can share my code for BADMATH. Am I allowed to @vijju123 ?

so because of cheaters I understand

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for NOTSIEVE segmented sieve will find all primes in range but how to extend it to calculating score??

let i=p1^a1*p2^a2…pm^am
so i’ will be i divided by the prime factor with lowest power(exponent)
let that prime factor be pj

how will we calculate all this with segmented sieve in log(n) per number

So did u clear the exam ?

can you check my algorithm( in VERYHARD. I just want to know if my algorithm is correct as I know segment tree questions never get 100 in python

Plz can anyone share his or her solution of these questions

I dont debug others codes. :slight_smile:
Submit it in c++ to know if its correct or incorrect.
P.S. - Link is inaccessible.