Please postpone luchtime by 0.5 hrs

There is ARC at 4:30 which is 2 hrs, so we will not get any time to rest before lunchtime.
So having it at 7 will be good, it’ll leave time for people who wanna participate in hackercup as well.


Yes I 100% agree no lie I am 10/10 with you in this statement no question. You are completely absolutely correct and have made no mistake in your sentence whatsoever and I applaud you for that as you have made a thoughtful statement that many agree with and those that disagree are in the minority because your statement has absolutely no faults and thus is completely without a question correct and deserves nothing but agreement.


Do you want to participate in ARC, lunchtime and hackercup yourself without skipping any of them? I don’t have enough endurance for 3 contests in one day, so my realistic choices are either ARC+hackercup or lunchtime+hackercup. Skipping hackercup is not an option, because that’s a rare annual event and a chance for winning a t-shirt. Implementing your suggestion would reduce my rest time in the lunchtime+hackercup scenario, so I’m not particularly happy about it. But I can always do ARC+hackecup, so I’ll be fine either way. I was just curious about your plans.

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Yes, I wanna try doing all three, but I wouldn’t mind skipping fbhc.

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Are you sure over skipping FBHC for lunchtime?