Please postpone lunchtime by 1.5 hour

ICPC practice contest is scheduled on the same day as of lunchtime at 6:00 pm in the evening for 2.5 hours. Although, I know lunchtime timings are pre decided, but I request you to please postpone it by 1.5 hour, i.e., please start it from 9pm. Already there is shortage of rated contests, if this is also ruined codechef community will be very disappointed for sure.


Unfortunately there is also a Topcoder Open contest that day, and after speaking with both the other platforms, we have decided to have the Lunchtime at 6pm. The clash with the ICPC Practice Contest is unfortunate and sadly unavoidable.

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Is it not possible to schedule it on Saturday or Sunday or even Friday(tomorrow) afternoon. You can start it around 2 in afternoon, many a times, codeforces contest start at that time. Most of the codechef contest participants are college going students from India and all must have registered for ICPC (as it is free this year, even if it isn’t still lot of participants would have registered). I know, change of timings is not anybody’s first choice but please try to understand the enthusiasm of us, codechef community, who eagerly waits for 2 rated contests a month and misses one of them due to some situation. If whosoever is reading this don’t have any problem in scheduling in afternoon, please hit the like button otherwise please mention in comments.