Please provide editorials for May Long 19

The editorials for May long 2019 were supposed to be added ‘soon’ on 14th May 2019, but yet have not been added. I request the @admin to look into this.


ping!! ping!! ping!! .


Yes. Please don’t leave the questions of may long challenge without editorials. It has been so long. I agree with some users, editorials should be published right after the contest ends.


ping!! ping!! ping!!
Where are Editorials?

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In parallel universe.


Now days short challenge editorial comes faster than long challange.


Where on earth, editorialist is? May challenge went so bad.

Vo chill maar rahe hai paisa khaane ke baad.:grin::joy::joy::joy:

unko paise milte hai re?:rofl::rofl:

Who was the editorialist ? taran_1407 ?

To bhai… Problem setters ko bhi milte hain…

Alexander Kulkov something like it

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Mujhe laga non-profit hai toh len den nhi hota hoga:joy::joy:

Vaise tu admin hai kya? tere stars visible nhi hai…

Na bro… stars bhi visible nahi hai + user name bhi galat aa raha hai… I am marksman_ on codechef.