Please provide the test cases post contest

Hey codechef
again I am stuck on a problem for last 5 days I know it sucks
but the problem is I am not able to clear three sub-tasks among 12 sub-tasks and this makes me helpless… as I can’t do anything, which is in some cases is the reason for choosing un-ethical means so it’s my humble request please provide the test cases post-contest so that people like me can look out and see where we are going wrong and trust me this will reduce people for using unethical means for solving problems.

Thank you
Happy Coding

and those who are cheating in challenges just answer one thing to yourself that to whom you are actually cheating is it yourself ???
Think about it…

Edit 1: So after reading your views let me clear a few things
I am not asking any fellow coder to help me in any way neither test cases nor solution instead I am just requesting the codechef to provide the Test cases after the contest to which I believe will help us a lot to learn and would spend less time.

Soo coders, if you think the same please support this post, maybe it reaches to authorities and something will happen

Trust me i don’t want to say this but some comments make me do this first of all this topic is not about cheating and if you get offended by that cheating line then trust me that’s not for you.


Just write a brute force solution and test your solution.

As you are giving advice to cheater, advice for you : Ignore cheaters just focus on yourself. Just make sure that you are doing better in current contest wrt to previous contest.


I agree on test cases point. After contest we should we able to see what test cases we were failing in our approach instead of just seeing editorials without seeing where did we go wrong. This should be implemented in codechef.


what if you write brute force solution on your own and try to find your mistake yourself, wouldn’t it be better. I mean what’s the difference between asking someone for his solution and asking him for a testcase where your solution is failing.

In this case I am not asking him, I am asking test cases from codechef after contest. Also brute force is sometimes the actual solution of the problem (which is the main thing they ask for) how can you correct it if it is showing WA? Only test cases can help in such condition otherwise you just keep on doing problem for 4-5 days and even after the contest you don’t get the test cases you were failing :slight_smile:


Though I’m not pro, but if you are not able to write brute force solution. Then you need to read problem statement again and try to understand that.

is it so? Why don’t you try writing brute force solution of triplsort from May20?


See this thing has both positive as well as negative effects.The downside will be once you know that you can get test cases to see where you are going wrong, you will have the tendency to see the test cases even if you have not tried fully.Second thing, in any competition you will never get test cases to see where you are failing. You will be very very frustrated but since you have learnt to survive without seeing test cases, you will be able to control it and think even harder and calmly to find out what’s wrong.
And, I do not agree with the idea of @hello_hell of a brute force since there is a high chance that we are not able to get the wrong test cases even after that.
I also go through the same thing as yours and so I take help from the Codechef community. Whichever problem you are solving, tag it’s authors and also other people who have commented on the editorial, you are sure to get help …I can guarantee it.
Yes yes, do not waste time behind a problem for 5 days, just try hard for 1 day and then if u are not able to get, take help, see editorial…

Is that hard ? because i don’t think so.


I don’t want the solution,I want to see how one writes brute Force solution of it.
Inshort I wanna say, there are questions for which its not feasible to write brute force solutions.


Hmm, So people in codeforces have learnt to survive with test cases?

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How can you generate test cases for yourself ? Is there a resource on internet that I can use ? Please help me :slight_smile:

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This might help.


Those who have learnt to survive have learnt to survive without seeing it. Do u think had they not, would they have become masters and legendery grandmasters??

Sorry, No offense please i just posted it on really random basis. :slight_smile: lol :joy:


bhai tum ab tak kaha the.

don’t know who make this picture by putting those efforts but let me clear something that this post is clearly not about cheating so No Offense.