Please solve this problem

Your friend has N different kind of candies each present in Mi units (i = 1 to N). He is allowed to eat only one type of candy every day. Since he likes some candies more than the others, he gives each type of candy a priority and eats the higher priority candies first. However, there is a limit to it that he cannot eat more than k candies in one day (i.e. he may eat 1 or 2, … or k candies in a day. He asks you if somehow, he would be able to eat Xth type of candy on the Yth day.
Note: He can only eat candy with priority p, after eating all the candies of priority p+1

[5, 2, 6, 4, 1] -> Candy count
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5] -> Priority
X Y Result
5 1 -> YES
4 4 -> YES
3 16 -> NO
1 16 -> YES
2 8 -> YES

Can you share the link of the problem?

Sort candy count according to priority …
now minimum index of candy he would be eating on yth day wwill be (y-1)*1 and maximum index of candy he would be eating on yth day will be (y)k ,
so just check if your if your xth type of candy indices lie between (y-1) to (y
k) , or not.
This you can do by making prefix sum array of candycount array (sorted acc to priority)…