Please someone help on this..

Do we have to give the input output in the same manner as given below a question ???

I mean ,like take following example:

how i do it:

Enter a: 3              |    in the example i/o below  a question : 3   
Enter b: 4              |                                           4
sum: 7                  |                                           7

When I submit such codes…will the checking system take my inputs as wrong (because there is headings before every i/o)???

Actually for a long time now,every time i submit the code ,it says wrong answer…while the code executes fine on my compiler…and even the previous submissions done have inputs like asked.

Strictly follow the format specified, otherwise your code will not get accepted even if your logic is correct.

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Yes it will be judged as wrong. You are not supposed to write "Enter a: ", etc. in your code. Just take inputs and display the answer without the "The answer is " formality (unless specified in the problem statement).