Please Tell why is this WRONG → Link of Problem

a,b,c = [int(i) for i in input().split()]
if (a+b<c) or (b+c<a) or (a+c<b):

elif (a==b==c) and ((a+b>c) or (b+c>a) or (a+c>b)):
elif ((a==b and b!=c) or (a==c and c!=b) or (b==c and c!=a)) and ((a+b>c) or (b+c>a) or (a+c>b)):
elif ((a+b>c) or (b+c>a) or (a+c>b)) and (a!=b and b!=c and c!=a):

Check what you get for this input:

5 9 4

… it should give -1.

As a general point, you need to trust the elif mechanism - for example, if you establish in the first test that the triangle is non-viable, subsequent clauses do not need to retest this. Here additionally your extra tests are meaningless because this expression

((a+b>c) or (b+c>a) or (a+c>b))

is always True no matter what a,b,c are.

Edit: add a correct problem link: EXTRICHK

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YEah they are meaningless, but still the outputs are correct aight?

I already gave you a test case that your code gets wrong. Here it is again:

5 9 4

should produce -1

Re-testing known conditions clutters your code and is harder to review and find problems in.

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