plz help me to write a code in c++

find out the base and height of the triangle and find out perimeter and area of triangle in c++

“find out base and height” or “accept base and height from user and find the area and perimeter?”

My solution works provided the given triangle is right angled triangle, I think one more parameter is needed to solve it for a general triangle, btw my sol:-

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cmath>

    #define sq(x) x*x

    using namespace std;

    int main()
    double height, base;  
    cout<<"Area= "<<(base*height)/2<<"\n";  
    double hypotenuse;  
    hypotenuse = sqrt(sq(base)+sq(height)); 
    cout<<"Perimeter="<< base+height+hypotenuse<<"\n";  
    return 0;  

@kunal361, well, everyone knows that, I think you haven’t read my statement as I said to solve a general triangle i.e (to know the measure of all the 3 angles and 3 sides ) we need atleast 3 parameters.

there are 5 possible cases for solving a triangle :

  1. SSS :- sides are given and we need to find angles, we use cosine rule
    B=arccos(a^2+c^2−b^2)/2 ac

  2. SAS :- 2 sides and the included angle is given

  3. ASA

  4. SSA

  5. AAA :- we need to find the ratios of sides which can be done using

    sine rule sinA/a=sinB/b=sinC/c

In the question asked we are only given 2 parameters and we need to find all the sides in order to find the perimeter, You an easily tell that you are a variable short. Thats why I have assumed that the triangle is a right angled triangle!

accept base and height from user and find the area and perimeter?

@v_akshay it is not necessarily a right angled triangle!!!

even other triangles have base and height!!!